We had our first Farmer’s Market booth on Saturday and it went quite well! Abby’s earrings, eternally popular, were flying off the tree like hotcakes! We also had some gorgeous totes by Sarah, fabulous burlap bags by Alexis, the ever cute embroidered bibs by Mackenzie, Laura’s fabulous cards and some mini-totes and accessory pouches by Liz. Here are some pictures for those who missed it…

The pregnant crafty ladies

The pregnant crafty ladies of Sing and Shout Crafts.

Our little table.

The wonderful totes by Sarah, Alexis, and Liz.

Abby’s earring tree.

Sarah took all these wonderful pictures and we should be back at the market (Lord willing) in two weeks! We all love being there so much, so despite busy schedules and our own projects, we are going to try and make this work again this summer!


Yes, yes, we are!  After a sabbatical to enjoy Moscow’s lovely winter weather (which at this point seems to be never ending), we will be making our return appearance at the Moscow Farmer’s Market starting this Saturday!

To be featured: Abby’s earrings, Laura’s cards, Mackenzie’s purses and baby toys, Liz’s totes, Sarah’s bags, and Alexis’ burlap totes.  Also, we will hopefully have some stylish reusable grocery bags, zippered pouches, and checkbook holders.  So come check us out! 

Sadly, Paula can’t join us again this summer, so we’ll miss her and her wonderful notecards and totebags.  If you’re interested in her work, please visit her etsy shop: paulabirdy.

Also, Sarah and Liz have launched a fabric-by-the-yard business online: Dutch Girl Fabrics.  Check it out!

Well, we didn’t mean to be silent for so long. We promise we’ve been busy, we just forgot to take photos.

We finally remember last weekend, when we had our first-ever Lentil Festival appearance in Pullman.

The Sing & Shout Crafts Lentil Festival booth.

The Sing & Shout tent attracted a number of perusers, pull-it-down-and-inspect-ors, and some buyers. We were pleased to add Mackenzie Miller (aka Three Pink Trees) to our number, and she brought a number of adorable sewn items with her. These included:


A few of Mackenzie's purses.

more purses, 

Granny bag by Mackenzie.

embroidered bibs,

Embroidered bibs by Mackenzie.

and bunting baby toys.

Bunting babies by Mackenzie.

Liz also debuted a new “line” of tote/handbags.

New purses by Liz.

Our card display was extra-stuffed with new designs from Laura and Paula.

Cards galore!

Vintage-esque cards by Laura.

And finally, Abby made an amazing new earring display and filled it with new earring sets.

Earrings by Abby.

We’ll be at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday (August 25) with these things and more. See you then! 

Here are some new totes by Liz…with some fun polka dot fabric.



Paula will have a variety of new patchwork bibs for sale at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday, June 2.


More photos + descriptions here.


Saturday was a rather grey and drizzly day in Moscow. The Sing & Shout Crafts girls were able to make an appearance at the market thanks to the generous loan of a tent, which kept the rain off our heads and wares.


We had a variety of new products at our table, including new earrings by Abby (she also made the wire holder!):


New coasters by Hannah:


New tote bags by Liz:


New cards by Laura:


New oilcloth totes by Paula:


And an awful lot of Luxie-Duxie cuteness.*

*not for sale


There weren’t a lot of shoppers because of the rain, so many of these items will be available at our next market appearance on Saturday, June 2.

Stay tuned for more new products!

We will be there tomorrow, May 19th, at the Moscow Farmer’s Market, space 50!  Come and visit!

Some samples of the tote bags Liz is selling…more fabulous ones to come this weekend!




The Sing & Shout Girls would like to send a big thank-you to everyone who showed up at our table last Saturday. We had a very successful grand opening and found the whole morning to be a lot of fun.


If you showed up later in the morning, you might have missed a few items that sold quickly (like Abby’s earrings).



The heirloom tomato pincushions were made by Hannah.


Fabric totes were made by Liz and the vintage patchwork bibs by Paula.



Paula’s cards (jupiterbuttons) are on the left and Laura’s (two ears) on the right.


We’ll be back next Saturday (May 19) and hope to see you there!


If you would like to receive e-mail updates about new products and our appearances at the Moscow Farmer’s Market or other craft fairs, please send your name and e-mail address to singandshoutcrafts (at) gmail (dot) com.

Also, you may request any special orders or custom designs at the same e-mail address.

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